Monday, August 31, 2009

Exploration 9 (This Part Last): What's Next and Looking Back

Well, I guess this means I have finished the Web 2.0 exploration though I certainly have not finished exploring Web 2.0. I have been introduced to a lot of different resources that are available on the internet. Some I already knew a little bit about and others I had heard about but really knew nothing about. It was good to be able to learn more about them and to be given the resources that will let me go back and learn more until I really understand it completely. Somehow, I don't think I will ever really understand it completely as things are forever changing and evolving but now I have the basics to build upon.
After I watched the video the again I realized that I did learn something and the video did make more sense to me the second time around. I also looked at the list of the Web 2.0 award winners from 2008 and though many I had heard about there were some that I want to look into further. I wonder how the list for 2009 will be different.
Since there is a Web 2.0 I wondered about what Web 3.0 would be like so I searched for it and found a very interesting article on How Stuff Works which explains how Web 3.0 will work. So from this article this is what I learned.
Think of Web 1.0 as a library which you can use to get information from but you can't contribute to it. Then comes along Web 2.0 which is more like a big group of friends. You can still use it to gather information but you can also contribute to the conversation to make it a richer experience. Internet experts think that Web 3.0 will be like having a personal assistant who knows all about you and what you want.
Web 3.0 is explained like this: " Many compare Web 3.0 to a giant database. While Web 2.0 uses the internet to make connections between people, Web 3.0 will use the internet to make connections with information. Some experts see Web 3.0 replacing the current web while others believe it will exist as a separate network."
Well, I certainly hope that I understand Web 2.0 better before Web 3.0 comes along. I will, however, promise to tackle the Web 3.0 exploration as soon as it appears and not wait until almost the last minute because this has been a most valuable learning experience for me.
So here it is August 31 and I said I would be done with this task before August ends and I made it with 12 whole hours to spare.
I could say that this is The End but it appears like it is really The Beginning to me.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Before I go to Exploration 9 I thought I would share my thoughts about Facebook. My daughter in law invited me to be her friend on Facebook several months ago I began my experience with Facebook. At first I used it to see what she was doing or what she was thinking. Then someone else found out that I had a Facebook account and I became their friend and friends of some of their friends (and now even her mother). So here I am with 67 friends (some of my friends have many hundreds- whew!). I have been discovered by former neighbors, former students and many others. One person who shares my last name asked me to be her friend but I had no idea who she is so I declined.
A day doesn't go by that I don't check in on my friends. Some post often and some never do. I post once in a while when I really want to share and I am more likely to comment on someone elses post. I have even posted a picture from my iphone (how techno-smart I felt then).
I am still learning the ins and outs of Facebook and I am enjoying the adventure. I thank my daughter in law for inviting me into her world (and now the world of her sister, mother, father and sister in law) and giving me the opportunity to be able experience the joy of Facebook. How else could I have seen my granddaughter on her first day of middle school only minutes after she left the house. What a great communication tool it is.

Exploration 8: Social Bookmarking Sites and Folksonomies

Now this is an idea that is worth learning about. I had heard about (I never realized that it had all those periods in it) but I wasn't really sure what it was about. I can see this site being useful for the very reasons that were explained. I liked being able to use it to share information that someone already found on a homework assignment. This seems to be a great way to save your time when someone has already begun the process. Then you could add your own information and you can help a patron in minutes when if you didn't have help from others would take much longer.
I think that I kind of understand the term folksonomy and how it is related to tagging. It seems to be another way to connect to people who share your interests and talents. I am going to look into this more so I really understand what it is and what it does.
The other explorations I had had some knowledge and experience with but this I will definitely have to look into social bookmarking sites more to understand them enough to be able to explain it to others.

Exploration 7: Wonderful World of Wikis

The Wiki is a wonderful thing. I like that wiki means quick in Hawaiian because this is exactly what it is - a quick and very easy way to communicate and give information on the web. The video explains it very well and makes me want to start a Wiki of my own (about what I do not know). In the beginning I was concerned about just anyone being able to post information. What if it was wrong or what if it was posted in a way that would offend someone. But, it appears, that the Wiki was created to deal with this problem. Other people who read it and know that certain information is wrong can fix it right away and explain their source as they do it. The Wiki enforces behavioral norms so that offensive material will not be posted.
I looked at The Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki and it seems to me that it is a good idea that has possibilities. I went searching for posts about storytime and there were a few but many of the subheadings had no posts yet. So, I guess a Wiki is only as good as the community that uses and contributes to it.
Wikipedia is the certainly the leader in Wikis. It gives people who are passionate about a subject a way to give their knowledge to the world. I have found the information on Wikipedia to be very informative. I feel as long as they cite their sources it can be as reliable as any other source and more reliable than many.
I can see Wikis being very valuable in the library especially as a way to share information among staff who are often separated at many branches and the only way they communicate is by computer. Wikis for the public could be created to ask for input about events or programs or perhaps even to post storytime rhymes, fingerplays, books and other ideas.
So I do believe Wikis are here to stay and will only get better as more people realize how easy they are to use and how much they have to offer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

learning about ZOHO writer


August 26, 2009


Here I am learning all about ZOHO writer. I wonder what I will learn and if I will understand it. Right now I have 97 characters and 23 words. I guess I have to save again to get a new count. No, I did not. It automatically saved and gave me a new count.



  1. This is the first thing on my list.
  2. This is the second thing on my list.
  3. This is the third thing on my list.
  4. This is the fourth thing on my list.
  5. I am now done with my list. Will I be able to get rid of the bullets?

First boxSecond BoxThird box
Fourth boxFifth boxSixth box
Seventh boxeighth boxnineth box


This is very cool and it seems to be a very easy way to make a table.

It just requires me to learn a new set up since I am used to word but it seems very user friendly.

Exploration 6: Online Office Tools

Learning about Zoho was very interesting. I had to forget what I knew about Word at times to figure out how to do the same thing in Zoho writer. Once I did it seemed very user friendly to me. If you did not have any or little experience with Word this would be a very easy word processor to use. I especially liked how easy it was to make a table and to enter things in the table. I will certainly use this again. Later I will use it to make a spread sheet when I actually need to make one. I am hoping it will be as easy to understand.
I did try to post it to my blog but for some reason it did not let me do it. But of course it is saved so I can try again later or ask someone for help.
I think this would be very useful for patrons who never bring anything to save their documents on as it would be saved in their Zoho account.
I can certainly see me delving deeper into Zoho and see what else I can do with it.

Exploration 5 - It's a Library Thing

Library Thing is certainly a good way to keep track of the books you have read. Since I like to read series I made sure that I put which book in the series it is in the tag. I have just started inputting my books from the paper list that I keep but it will be nice not to have to refer to the paper list (as in find where I hid it) when I am recommending one of my series to a patron.
I am still trying to figure out if I can create another folder so I can list the books that I listen to in a separate folder. There is a place called collections but none of those mentioned mention audio books. Perhaps I will check into some of the other online places to catalog my books and see if they offer this option. I will keep looking but if anyone has an idea on how to do this could you let me know.
Here is the link to my Library Thing
Personally, I see that it can have many uses as a way to keep the books you have read organized. It can also be used as a way to recommend books that you like to other patrons with your same tastes in books. System wide I am not sure how it could be used since it would require someone to keep it updated with whatever information you wanted to put in it.