Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exploration 4 - RSS Feeds and Feed Readers

So, the first time I read through the information on RSS feeds I was confused and feeling like I would never get what is so great about the feeds or the feed readers. Then I read it again the next day (and went through the Palinet explanation more than once) and finally the fog lifted. I am sure that as I explore the world of feeds more I will be even more feed savvy. Subscribing to Bloglines was very easy and I even picked several of their recommended feeds. After I added Web 2.0 to my list I have 19 feeds that I will be able to look at. It will be most interesting to see if I go to bloglines and check out my recent feeds.
AACPL could certainly use RSS feeds to tell patrons about upcoming events that are happening in the library. Perhaps they could also be used to explain what is happening and why as it applies to the loss of library funds and certain materials etc.
A pro of RSS feeds is that you are able to visit many of your favorite web sites without having to go to each individual one separately. Then if you see a feed you are really interested in you can delve into it deeper. The only con I can think of would be one that I would have to deal with personally. I can see me spending a lot of time looking at my feeds since all of my interests are in one place. Before I would have to investigate them one at a time so one day I might go look at a site but the next day I might not. Now since they are all together it will be easier for me to stayed glued to the computer. I wonder could you group the feeds into folders. Then I could perhaps have a professional one, a personal one, some crafty ones etc.
So it looks like I will have to do a lot more investigating into the world of RSS feeds and perhaps even different feed readers before I know all the answers.

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