Monday, August 17, 2009

Exploration 3: Flickr

Is it just me showing my age or am I the only one who thinks of the TV show "My Friend Flicker" whenever I see the photo sharing site Flickr mentioned? I have not personally created a Flickr account but I certainly do have enough digital pictures floating around in various places and formats to make me seriously consider doing this. Maybe it will be one of those things I put on my 'things I do when I am snowed in' list.
The Library of Congress Flickr photos were intriguing. I could spend hours searching for pictures that interest me. I kept thinking I would see a long lost relative among the photos. The fact that anyone can add tags to further identify a person or place in the picture will ensure that such valuable historical images will not be lost in the years to come.
Perhaps the library could use Flickr with staff as a way to further explain something visually that they need to get across to the staff. Parts of a picture could be tagged and people could comment if they needed further explanation. I have not thought of a way to use Flickr with patrons yet but perhaps as I further explore the site and set up my own account an ideas will form.
The best part of Flickr is that you can stay in touch with people who are many miles away. I can type in the name of my friends son who lives in California and I can see pictures of his travels.
You no longer have to wait for the mailman to come to bring you the copies of pictures of your new grandson. Grandma can see pictures of her new grandchild minutes after he is born. Flickr has made this big world a cozy place to come home to.

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