Monday, August 10, 2009

Exploration 1: Intro to Web 2.0

Going backward a little bit I figure that I should comment about Exploration 1 before I move on to Exploration 3. The video "The Machine is Us/ing Us" is a quick and visual way to learn the basics of Web 2.0. I think that I have finally come to understand that Web 2.0's big plus is that it is all about participation. In Web 1.0 much fewer people could participate in the actual creation of web sites and much more "computer" knowledge was required. In Web 2.0 even semi literate computer people like myself can feel like they are making a contribution. In the article by Michael Stephens he mentions that "The future of libraries will be guided by how users access, consume and create content. The web 2.0 librarian will help users become their own programming director for all of the content available to them." The future of libraries and librarians will be greatly enchanced due to Web 2.0.

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