Monday, August 31, 2009

Exploration 9 (This Part Last): What's Next and Looking Back

Well, I guess this means I have finished the Web 2.0 exploration though I certainly have not finished exploring Web 2.0. I have been introduced to a lot of different resources that are available on the internet. Some I already knew a little bit about and others I had heard about but really knew nothing about. It was good to be able to learn more about them and to be given the resources that will let me go back and learn more until I really understand it completely. Somehow, I don't think I will ever really understand it completely as things are forever changing and evolving but now I have the basics to build upon.
After I watched the video the again I realized that I did learn something and the video did make more sense to me the second time around. I also looked at the list of the Web 2.0 award winners from 2008 and though many I had heard about there were some that I want to look into further. I wonder how the list for 2009 will be different.
Since there is a Web 2.0 I wondered about what Web 3.0 would be like so I searched for it and found a very interesting article on How Stuff Works which explains how Web 3.0 will work. So from this article this is what I learned.
Think of Web 1.0 as a library which you can use to get information from but you can't contribute to it. Then comes along Web 2.0 which is more like a big group of friends. You can still use it to gather information but you can also contribute to the conversation to make it a richer experience. Internet experts think that Web 3.0 will be like having a personal assistant who knows all about you and what you want.
Web 3.0 is explained like this: " Many compare Web 3.0 to a giant database. While Web 2.0 uses the internet to make connections between people, Web 3.0 will use the internet to make connections with information. Some experts see Web 3.0 replacing the current web while others believe it will exist as a separate network."
Well, I certainly hope that I understand Web 2.0 better before Web 3.0 comes along. I will, however, promise to tackle the Web 3.0 exploration as soon as it appears and not wait until almost the last minute because this has been a most valuable learning experience for me.
So here it is August 31 and I said I would be done with this task before August ends and I made it with 12 whole hours to spare.
I could say that this is The End but it appears like it is really The Beginning to me.

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  1. Great job.
    Thanks for the info on Web 3.0. I am glad to learn more about it. I think many people are already using their hand-helds for this every day.